The Horrible Practice of Dying or Tattooing Fish

tattooed fishOccassionaly at a pet shop, you may come across what is known as a blueberry or a strawberry oscar. These Oscars have exotic colours, that cannot be created by line breeding. They are dyed. This process is cruel and should not be done to your oscar. It involves dipping the oscar into a coloured dye, at which point the liquid absorbs into the Oscars skin. Not only is this painful to the oscar, but Oscars that are dyed tend to have very short, painful lifespans and will often get diseases. Their immune systems are weak, and they cannot fight these diseases, so they will most likely die very quickly. Sometimes, this is done by a series of barbaric injections by a needle. Although the needle is not so painful on people, it is to Oscars. Since Oscars are so much smaller than us, that needle is pencil sized to them. They also suffer from the previous health issues as they do with a needle.

Even worse, is tattooing Oscars. In order to do this, the oscar must be removed from the water. Not only can the oscar not breathe, tattooing is more painful on Oscars then on people for several reasons. Oscars suffer from the same ailments after tattooing as they do from dying.

But by far the worst(and the rarest, luckily) is piercing. Some teenagers just don't get that giving their Oscars a nose ring like them, is not so cool. This is like punching a hole two inches in diameter through your nose and hanging a piece of very heavy metal from it. Not so exciting, is it? So please, don't purchase an oscar like this, do them a favour.

In this article I hope you realised the cruelty of these actions. If your pet shop sells fish like this, please encourage them not to. And again, please, do not by these fish. Even though this article addresses the disgusting practice of dying Oscar fish, any form of dying or tattooing is completely unacceptable and any shop that is found to be selling these type of fish should be boycotted. The photo I have used in this article is not an Oscar, it's a different type of cichlid that has had a tattoo put on its flank. Can you imagine the stress the fish went through during this process?

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Article by Artemis1