Why Your Eheim Canister Filter Might Be Running Slow

I've seen this question on many different websites and many different forums but I've never seen it answered.

"My Eheim canister filter is running so slowly! When I bought it spat out water like a beast, now it's just a trickle!"

Now, I've had this problem myself, but the solution is VERY simple.

When most people clean their canister filters they simply take out the internal parts and rinse them off.

With an Eheim you should be doing every few months, obviously depending on your stock level.

BUT that's not all, Do not forget your tubes and motor cover!

First, disconnect all of your tubes, this may require some wiggling! ]

If you have had your filter running for a few months, the tubes won't look as clear and see-through as they were when you first purchased your filter.

This is most likely your problem, if you do not clean your tubes with each filter cleaning then they will build up ALOT of gunk.

With each individual tube, take a hose or something with a fast spray output and spray it through each tube. If you see a lot of stuff coming out of your tubes you are doing it right! (you may also need to run a squeegee through if you have one that's long enough)

You may need to shake your tubes around as that stuff can get REALY stuck in there.

Next, find the top of your filter, this is what covers the motor.

Do the same this as before and spray stick a hose where the water comes out from, there can be a lot of build up inside of your motor cover.

Do this with all of your tubes including the spray bar.

Please note that this is just MY solution and this is what worked for ME. Do not get mad if this doesn't work for you, as you might have a different problem than I had.