Juvenile oscar and green terror in 55 gallon

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LJMetal created the topic: Juvenile oscar and green terror in 55 gallon

Hey forum, I have a juvenile green terror and a juvenile tiger oscar both about the same size of 4 inched living in a 55 gallon tank with a couple of other non aggressive and speedy fish. The green terror was in the tank first and when I introduced the oscar they got along fine and would swim around together and feed together. Last night out of nowhere they started fighting by locking lips and slapping each other with their tails. The green terror won and now whenever the green terror gets near the oscar he chases the oscar away. Is this just a territory thing or will the green terror eventually kill my oscar? Do I need to upgrade in tank size soon or do I have time until they get bigger? Thanks

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Suprd71 replied the topic: Juvenile oscar and green terror in 55 gallon

Hello and welcome to OFL. These fish need to be separated pretty well immediately. The GT has claimed the tank out of natural territorial instincts. Tank size has contributed to the outcome. A standard 48in 55g tank will hold a GT for a long time, as they grow slowly. An Oscar will outgrow a 55 in a year or less. Even at 4ins, and adding 2 other fish, whatever they may be, your tank is overstocked. Its also unlikely that a tank upgrade will help. GT has already dominated Oscar, and would continue to do so in another tank. Tank would have to be very large, 6ft 150+ gallons, and its still odds against those 2 fish living peacefully.

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