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buffalobill123! created the topic: Emergency!!!!!

Please help! My Oscar has been exhibiting some very strange behavior over the last few days. He's lost all apetite and spends most of the day gasping on his side. It started a few days ago and his lethargic behavior is concerning me, he also goes into fits of rage and acts like he's in boiling water! He splashes and jumps out of water like crazy! He's about 5 or 6 inches now I have him in a 90 gallon tank alone with a fluval 406 canister filter. I just checked his water parameters and they read good. Ammonia and nitirite are 0 ppm ph normal at 6.9 nitrates below 5 ppm. He's been healthy and feeding ferociously for his entire life I've had him up until a few days ago. He's on hikaria chiclid gold and bloodworms mostly. However I gave him a few feeder shrimp last week, could this be a parasite? Please give any advice you can I don't know what to do!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Suprd71 replied the topic: Emergency!!!!!

Hello and welcome to OFL. Were your water parameters tested with a liquid test kit? He may very have contracted something from the shrimp. Live aquatic food is never recommended for this very reason. You may want to track down some Paraguard and begin treatment. Can you post a pic or better yet a video of the fish?

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