Hello, Got a bit of trouble

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Suprd71 replied the topic: Hello, Got a bit of trouble

Once an Oscar gets hith, and even if completely cured, chances of recurrence are greater. Water must be kept very clean with minimal nitrate levels. Strive for an average reading of 10. A bigger tank will be easier to manage, more volume to dilute pollutants. If you make it to BigAls Calgary, look at the 6ft 125g. Very similar price to the 5ft 120g. The extra foot in length of the 125 is an added bonus. Both tanks are 18in wide, the 120 a bit taller. With that of course goes necessary filtration. A combination of large efficient canister, like a Filstar xpxl, and a large hob like an Aquaclear 110 will keep Oscars tank well managed. Canister handles primarily bio, and the hob mechanical. You should also add a vitamin supplement to the food. Boyd's VitaChem is a liquid vitamin, soak the fish's food with it 2-3 times a month. Works best with freeze drieds or fish/shrimp chunks. Not so effective on pellets.

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