Help! Rescued oscar

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jelsey30 created the topic: Help! Rescued oscar

Hello! My husband and I rescued a tiger oscar from a young couple who had him in a tank with NO filter. We put him in an immediate quarantine tank when we got him home.

He is about 10 inches long and the couple we got him from had him in a 55 gallon that was only filled about 50% (again with NO FILTER.) The water looked like watered down milk. To top it off, they had McDonald's happy meal toys as decorations in the tank. While we were there, their children were chucking random things into the tank! Food, sippy cups, toys... Seriously... you name it, it was in there. Its hard to contain my rage with these people. They had offhandedly mentioned they were going to dump him into Lake Tahoe like this was some sort of joke. I'm still infuriated.

To get down to business, this guy is in bad shape. His gills and mouth are swollen and and he can only open one side of his mouth. And as you know, these guys are supposed to be black and orange. He is a pale grey and his orange is an off white color. His poop is clear and stringy. We have tried API salt, slight water changes, and we have just started running an anti-parasitic in the tank, internal and external. We couldn't get him to eat anything besides crickets. After he ate, he swam around a bit but is back laying at an awkward angle on the bottom of the tank. He has deep indents on his head and the side of his face (no holes) and one side of his face is distended (the same side that he cant open). It's like his face is curved to the left. The spines on his dorsal fin are also exposed and he has some slight tail rot. We have done everything we can think of to try to bring this guy back to the beautiful fish we know he is.

Any help or ideas would be grateful Thank you for you time!

If it matters, all of the water levels in the quarantine tank are normal.

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DRACO replied the topic: Help! Rescued oscar

pristine water is the prime requirements for fast recovery...

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Suprd71 replied the topic: Help! Rescued oscar

Hello and welcome. Kudos for trying to save the Oscar. He is still struggling to adapt to cleaner conditions. The next few days or so will be important. As valuable as clean water is, the shock of such a change so quickly may take an unfortunate toll. Fingers crossed for you and the fish

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S.S. replied the topic: Help! Rescued oscar

Best of lucks!

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