My Long fin Albino Tiger Oscar

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tahn created the topic: My Long fin Albino Tiger Oscar

Hello everyone, first post here. I actually joined this website 6 months ago but my account was locked for some reason and couldn't post on the forums. Recently got that resolved, so here's my Oscar.

Little back story, I've had him for about a year now, he's in a 55 by himself, but he's had MANY tank mates in the past (probably over 30 different types of fish), that have been sold, rehomed, and passed. And he's been through many aquascape changes, from gravel to 2 different colors of sand, with/without driftwood, rocks, pvc pipes, and now to simple tiles with a black background. My apartment only allows for one 55 gallon tank, and I've admittedly impulsively indulged in the hobby, satisfying my curiosity irresponsibly. At one point the stocklist was something like, silver arowana, festae, severum, chocolate, 2 oscars, peacock eel, 5 silver dollars, red devil, texas, argentea, green terror, flowerhorn, acara, texas, festivum, all squeezed into this 55 gallon at the same time (they were mostly juveniles).

This Oscar was always my favorite and trademark fish, so in order to keep him healthy and happy, I decided to keep him solo in the 55 from now on. He is about 10 inches, and a very happy, and surprisingly mellow fish.

This is him when he was a baby



He's tail right now seems kinda busted up, probably cuz until yesterday, there was also a red devil, black belt, argentea, flowerhorn and nippy silver dollars with him. Anyone know if they will even out or am i supposed to trim them?

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DRACO replied the topic: My Long fin Albino Tiger Oscar

wow... that is one beautiful transformation!


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Yellowfish22 replied the topic: My Long fin Albino Tiger Oscar

I'm not surprised the poor thing looks tatty,I don't know what your thinking putting all those fish in such a small tank.
The tank is only just big enough for him alone,please get it sorted.
And for goodness sake DONT trim his fins ,they will be fine when you remove the other fish.

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