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boot created the topic: fluval 405

i there can anyone comment on the fluval 405 as ive been offered a brand new one for 50.00. are they silent? easy to mantain? are they trouble free? leak free? etc thankyou all

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Joliet Jake replied the topic: Re:fluval 405

First of all, please try to post in the correct forum. You had this in the JOKE section before I moved it.

Now, Fluvals are at the low end of the canister filter ladder in my opinion and they are known to bypass easily, meaning water bypasses the filter media and goes right from inlet to outlet with any back pressure whatsoever. Back pressure is created when a filter begins to get dirty so the point is, its not the best filter on the market and it is priced accordingly. Eheim (and in my personal opinion) the new Marineland C-series canisters are at the top of that ladder. Fluvals are just as quiet as the rest but may not be as dependable and while I dont know specifics, I have heard of problems with them. However, you really can't go wrong for $50 if its new but that depends upon the model too because if its a small one, you might be well better off with the Marineland C-Series that can be had for well under $100 and include all the necessary media too. Look at www.petmountain.com for their current sale on the Marineland as a comparison. Good luck!

Actually I just looked it up and the 405 is their largest model that flows about 340 GPH on a good day. If you can get a new one for $50, take it because these normally sell for close to $200. Just hope it's not a scecond or something is wrong with it. Question why anyone would sell a $200 filter for only $50 though..

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delboybully replied the topic: Re:fluval 405

I find fluval filters are easy to maintain and are trouble and leak free. They are easy to start and i have no trouble with them. I have used 404's and 204's and 405's. I have 2 running on my 100gal and clean one every 3 weeks(i.e. each one every 6 weeks) and i have no problem with ammonia and nitrites. The filter itself is very quiet

If you are in england you will expect to pay between £90 to £120 for a 405 so £50 for a new one is a bargain

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