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simba9357 created the topic: Filtration

Hey guys!!! First time of the forum! So my question is regarding filtration. I currently ordered a 50 gallon tank and am using it strictly as a GROW OUT TANK. This will be housing 2 oscars (purchase size of about 2 inches) and a pleco. Again a grow out tank and not a permanent home.

I'm very OCD when it comes to my water quality and my filtration so I usually go doesn't help that oscars are messy little pigs. I was wondering if a Aquaclear 110 (60-110 gallons) + Fluval 306 cannister (70 gallons) combo or a Fluval FX4 cannister (250 gallons) by itself would be better? Would it be too much overkill and cause to much water flow/current? I will also have a separate UV sterilizer which will create a little extra water flow. The tank is acrylic and does not have that big of a opening on the back (2 hang on back filters won't fit). Please let me know what you think!

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OFL replied the topic: Filtration

Hi there, welcome to our little community.

Are you planning on keeping just one adult Oscar in the 50-gallon aquarium? That's a tad smaller than what we would recommend.

To answer your question about filtration, I wouldn't bother putting the FX4 on the 50-gallon tank because it's a waste of time. There's no point in having all that filtration on a tank that is going to house very little. To be honest, it's even too small for one adult Oscar. By all means use it as a grow out tank and then move the Oscars into a bigger tank when they become too big for the 50 gallon.. The two other filters you mentioned are more than adequate.

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Suprd71 replied the topic: Filtration

Aquaclear plus 306 on the growout. For a permanent home , something around 200g, you will need a big canister. Think FX6 for that.

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