tank size for fish

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jon bruner created the topic: tank size for fish


Would a 75 gallon tank have enough room for a 1 oscar, 2 tinfoil barbs, and 1 jack dempsey. Right now i have the 2 tinfoils, and the jack, the jack isent that aggressive

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OFL replied the topic: Re:tank size for fish

I've already answered your question in the other forum. No need to to keep posting the same question in different forums

I may not always be right, but I am always the BOSS :-)
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c_etude replied the topic: Re:tank size for fish

NO!!!!! Keep the Jack Dempsey away from the oscar!!!!!! You could wake up and one is bloodied. The Jack Dempsey can tear your oscar apart. Why do you think they call them Jack Dempsey for?

A 75 gallon tank will only house ONE SINGLE OSCAR. Some will say two but trust me an oscar CAN grow 14 inches. Mine did.

You REALLY need to learn all about the fish you want before buying them. JACK DEMPSEYS AND OSCARS DO NOT MIX!
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