Bought fish to go in tank with my Oscars, now they are hiding?

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ThatKidNamedTae created the topic: Bought fish to go in tank with my Oscars, now they are hiding?

Hi guys, first post and I was looking all over the internet for responses to this but I found this website/forum and figured yall would know best. So about a week ago, I bought two baby oscars, a Black one and a Orange&White one. So everything was going fine, but I noticed they weren't eating all of their food and some of it would fall to the bottom and they won't touch it (I feed them once a day, maybe 10 cichlid pellets). So I decided that maybe I can buy some bottom feeding catfish to pair with my Oscars so that the food at the bottom would be eaten, and my Oscars could have some new "friends". Went to Petland and the guy told me that Pictus Catfish would probably be the best to pair with my slightly bigger than baby Oscars. He did warn me though, that these Catfish are a bit greedy, but I decided to go along with it anyway. So he told me that it would most likely be best to buy them BIGGER than my Oscar's size. So I bought 2 of them ($10.00 each might I add). So I come home, let them adjust to the water in my tank and open the bag. My Oscar immediately ran to the back corner of my tank while the Catfish swam around very quickly. I just thought this was a "What's going on?" phase for my Oscars. Well, I came back maybe a couple hours later to feed the fish. This time, I dropped maybe 15 pellets. As my Oscar's swam up to eat the food, the Catfish blew past them and ate the food as my Oscar's crept back into the corner. This is where I became worried. Then when I woke up, I went to check on my fish and I saw the Pictus Catfish swimming around and couldn't find my Oscars, only to remember that they are in the back corner for around the 13th hour. Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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Suprd71 replied the topic: Bought fish to go in tank with my Oscars, now they are hiding?

Hello and welcome to OFL. First thing of big importance is your setup. What size tank do you have, filtration and very critical with new tanks and fish, are you properly cycled?

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