Wild caught sevrum

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Poseidon2.0 replied the topic: Wild caught sevrum

Lammergeier wrote: How aggressive is Poseidon? Henry is just the pansiest of pansy oscars which helped a lot in my case. Even the smallest SD stands his ground if Henry tries to push him around these days. It's funny (but sad) seeing a 6.5 - 7" O flailing away from a 3" SD.

I will certainly try to make it work. I am mostly worried about Severus being too small. Poseidon is relatively aggressive, but still gets chased around by the plecostomous sometimes or they do this swimming dance-off thing that I find quite intriguing. He has killed two giant danios, one that was old when I first got him and another that I assume he ate a month or so ago. I would say he is moderately aggressive. But he hasn't been around another cichlid since I got him from the LFS.

It will be a month or so anyway, before Severus's treatment is finished and he is safe to introduce to the 125. He really isn't afraid of me much!

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Suprd71 replied the topic: Wild caught sevrum

Congrats on the Sev. I'm only a couple years into having them, but I love these fish. Great community cichlids, stand their ground and very sociable. Kinda slow growing, caution with a small one and Poseidon. Might want to get it past 3ins before adding to the bigger tank.

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