Oscar and Jack are fighting

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Lammergeier replied the topic: Oscar and Jack are fighting

UNC-CH wrote: I remember a marine biologist on this forum pointing to a study on cichlid aggression.

You rang? :silly: I'm qualified as one but until I can land a job in the field not sure if you could really call me that... That study is interesting though. I'm assuming that particular size is large enough to be viewed as a competitor for food/territory/mates, but small enough that the larger cichlid is confident it can beat it in a fight.

Anyway, glad this has worked out. Putting some driftwood back into my 6x2 helped aggression calm down between my oscar and sev too. Gave the severum a territory to call her own.
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Goranothos replied the topic: Oscar and Jack are fighting

That appears to be a 150 gallon "tall" tank, like they sell at my local PetSmart.


Great price, but unfortunately the 4' width isn't ideal for big cichlids.

I agree with Dave that you should seriously consider removing that turtle from the tank. I used to have a red eared slider and they get much bigger than that and are very, very messy.

Good luck.

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