Pleco in with my oscar

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Oratic created the topic: Pleco in with my oscar

I currently have an oscar that is about 4 inches and a pleco about the same size if not a bit bigger in a 55 gallon. The oscar is being extremely aggressive and biting and chasing the pleco. I just need to know should I move the pleco to another tank or will the aggresiveness go away?
If not is there a good type of bottom dweller for the time being I can put in with the oscar?

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OFL replied the topic: Pleco in with my oscar

Hello, well, if you had done your research then you should really know that 55 gallons is the absolute minimum for one adult Oscar. This means that you cannot have any other fish. So the answer to your question is to rehome the plec and forget about having any other fish in with your Oscar because you don't have enough room.

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