Oscar and a turtle

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Kate created the topic: Oscar and a turtle

Hi, I have had Oscars, and terribly miss them now. They are wonderful fish; kind of like having an aquatic dog. My 2 Oscars used to play with me, and loved eating from my hand. Now I have a baby Map turtle, and would like to know if I can get a baby Oscar to grow up with the turtle. It would break my heart if I had them together, and found one morning that the Oscar had bitten my turtle. I have read that cichlids are aggressive enough to be able to live with turtles, but I worry about the baby turtle. The turtle is only about 2 inches, and they do grow pretty slowly, whereas Oscars grow pretty fast. Does anyone know about this pairing, and if they would make safe tank mates?


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OFL replied the topic: Re:Oscar and a turtle

Having never turtles before I don't really know much about them. However, I do know that turtles produce more waste than fish so keeping one with an Oscar could be problematic unless you had a very big tank. Also, turtles do require somewhere for them to get out of the water if they want. I don't suppose this would be too difficult to create. You just have to make sure the water was very high which is not always the case in a fish tank. I believe that turtles would decimate plants so you might not be able to keep them. I read somewhere that is easier to introduce a fish into a turtles tank than introduce a turtle into a fish's tank. You also mention that the turtle would only be 2 inches long. I have absolutely no idea what the growth rate of the turtle is but a 2 inch turtles could certainly become a tasty meal for an Oscar. Whether they could actually eat it, I don't know, but they could certainly make rather a mess of it.

I wouldn't even contemplate doing it unless you have got a very big tank, I'm talking 100+ gallons.

If I was you, I would find a turtle forum or something, they could give you much more information as there are probably people who keep fish with turtles

I may not always be right, but I am always the BOSS :-)

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Graham replied the topic: Re:Oscar and a turtle

Hi Kate.
In my experience of Cichlid & Turtle tank mates, sooner or later Mr. Turtle will become an irresistable, potential snack. The Oscar won't physically be able to swallow him 'shell n all' but will almost certainly attack head or legs.

Hope this has been of some help. Graham. :)

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Gerard replied the topic: Re:Oscar and a turtle

My only advice would be to interduce the oscar to the turtle tank first "hopefully making the oscar think that the turtle is the boss" and try to get a smaller oscar than the turtle so he dont outgrow the turtle to quick and keep the little oscar off fedder fish. Mabye kepping is carnavours ways hidden... lol

I have herd of people keep map turtles together so good luck!!!!!

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