My life & my babies ... Ziva and Shiloh

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Brooksie created the topic: My life & my babies ... Ziva and Shiloh

Hi all!

Brooksie here... thought I'd pop in and say hello. I see now that I'm not an active member that I've made the all important 'Top Members' list ! :laugh: I hope people don't let that go to their heads... obviously it's not based on how active you are! :woohoo: Or are you guys trying to lure me back ?? ;)

Anyway, I thought I'd drop a note to say hi and update you on my life. There really isn't much going on at all. I've been working a lot of hours at work because of those nasty demons - money & bills!! As most of you old-timers know, I had lower back surgery in December and I'm having mixed emotions about the results. I will admit that I am 85% better however there is a significant amount of scar tissue that has developed in the area and is pushing on the nerves - causing me pain again! I'm still on the pain medications because of this - I had hoped to be off by now. My last MRI in February showed a possible disc herniation in the same area as well. They are going to watch it and repeat the MRI in a few months once everything is healed to see what is really going on. The MRI wasn't clear enough for a definitive result. Oh well... I will have back problems my whole life. It's what I was born with. :( :unsure:

Now onto my babies... Ziva and Shiloh. They are both doing wonderful. Ziva - American German Shepherd - turned 2 in March, Shiloh - German, German Shepherd - turned 3 in January. They get along like they were born from the same litter. Ziva is perfect in size & weight - 67 lbs. She is tall & lean. Shiloh on the other hand is pudgy weighing in at 92 lbs and developing some hip problems... weight isn't helping that! So we have her on Glucosamine and a diet!!

So here are some pics... the first one is not great but it is to show how big Ziva is compared to Shiloh.

This is Ziva... a bad, blurry pic but it shows how tall she is! When you stand and she gets up on your shoulders, she is as tall as I am .. 5'4". I think her head is taller than me!

Here is the baby just being herself.

And then we have Shiloh.. she likes to fall asleep sitting up in Daddy's recliner.

Here is the big girl just being herself.

Well, that's the family! I hope everyone is doing ok. I shall stay around and say hi once in awhile.

Going to enjoy the beautiful sunny Florida weather!

Brooksie :kiss:

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Firestorm8215 replied the topic: My life & my babies ... Ziva and Shiloh

Nice to hear from you Brooksie. Your dogs are beautiful. I grew up with German Shepards and had 2 of my own in the past. Sorry to hear about your health problems and hope that it will eventually get better. Don't be a stranger . :)

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Nina_W replied the topic: My life & my babies ... Ziva and Shiloh

Of course it's an attempt to lure you back :)

Good to hear from you!

And thanks for the pictures of the shepherds, they're lovely :) I held a little 6-week old puppy shepherd today, it was so fluffy!

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benmcfadden replied the topic: My life & my babies ... Ziva and Shiloh

Oh hello and welcome back. Im Glad you are doing ok.

I had a baby. Well my girlfriend did. Six months ago.

Haku, I knew your were good.

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RoxyTheDog replied the topic: My life & my babies ... Ziva and Shiloh

Hey Brooksie, good to see you back even if its just a quick visit :) nice pics, you know you'll have to stop calling them babies when they're bigger than you haha
Hope you get better soon :)

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