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GlassWalker created the topic: Tank upgrade planning

Parts of this are covered in my intro post already, but I think I should start again to make things clear.

Currently I have two adult Oscars in a 4x2x2 (120x60x60) 400L+ tank. I'm looking at replacing that tank with one up to about 6ft / 180cm where I'm still looking at what my options are. Since I effectively can start again, I'm debating what I could do to make it as good as I can, inside and out.

Kit wise, I currently use two canister filters: Aquamanta EFX 1200 (1200 lph), and Fluval 305 (1000lph). I would probably keep the 1200, and upgrade the 305 to something much bigger on the new tank.

In series with the '1200 is a 300W Hydor inline heater. My house doesn't get very cold so I don't think I need much more heating power, except perhaps during water changes to help maintain temperature. I do have another spare one I could add in to give 600W total heating potential.

Lighting is currently provided by the Interpet LED 4ft 3 row unit. It's cheap and you get what you pay for. Enough light to view fish in the current tank and little else, the colour rendering isn't great either. I could reuse this and supplement it with something else on a new tank, if the new tank doesn't come with something nice. I really don't want to use anything less efficient than LEDs.

The internal decor is my biggest challenge I think. When I got the Oscars originally, they came with large round gravel substrate. I like how it hid the waste, but didn't like trying to clean it later! When I moved them into the current tank, I used fine black sand. This is ok apart from the odd occasion they stir it up meaning the filters ingest some of it. Personally I don't mind too much that waste can rest on the surface of the substrate. I could look into more tank flow to help increase the chance of it getting picked up by a filter.

Also what would provide extra interest in the tank, and wouldn't get destroyed by oscars? At the same time, of course it shouldn't be harmful for oscars so I'm guessing interesting shaped rocks are probably not the best here. Currently I have two large pieces of bogwood and I feel it is a bit plain in tank. I have seen bogwood covered by moss or java fern. Could these survive an oscar?

While I don't have plans for any more livestock, I wouldn't rule it out either. Supposing I went for a 6x2x2 (600L+) tank, what else could go in with the Oscars? I'm thinking many and small, but not so small as to be bite size of course. I had considered a big plec at one point, but I've gone off them now.

That'll do for starters. Any ideas welcome.

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