Tank upgrade in a month

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Volkmania created the topic: Tank upgrade in a month

FIrst of all. Loving this site. People are so informative and understanding. I hope not to pester too much with this thread but I find it better to be 100% informed before doing anything huge.

RIght now, I am in the process of getting through an illness in our original tank (posting in Emergency thread) and as long as we can get through this, my wife and I plan on purchasing a much larger tank in Mid September for our fish.

Right now we have 3 SDs, 1 Banded Leporinus, 1 Rapheal Catfish, 1 Jack Dempsey and 1 Tiger Oscar in a 55 Gal tank (I understand it is greatly overcrowded, we started them as wee little fish, probably still not good but we are correcting this). It is now time to get them a much bigger and permanent home. We are using a c-360 Marineland canister filter right now and no substrate.
Some questions,

Tank: We plan on finding a tank on Craigslist. We are looking at 150-200. More than likely with our fish load, a 200. Any tips (money, type, tall and long or short and wide)? Also, if we do find one on Craigslist, how do you fully sanitize the tank? I wouldn't trust random people on there.

Filtration: Obviously we will need some monster filtration in a much larger tank. Better to get a second large canister and a HOB? Just get a very large single canister? We also were wondering about Sump filtration (is that the right term for a tank under the tank supplying the filtration?) How would they be for this tank (ease of start and setup, better for fish, etc.)

Stand: We saw people use concrete cinder blocks for stands and kind of liked that idea. Any things to keep in mind? Something between tank and concrete obviously, Specific places to put them or just make 4 legs? Fine to put plywood between blocks like a shelving system? Balance tips?

Transport: This is probably a big question. I am guessing we can take some tank water from original tank, and treat it as a large Water Change when we add in new water? Move large fish with buckets filled with tank water?

Substrate: What are thoughts on not using substrate. Personally, I love the look of it. What's better for the fish comes before appearance of course, so that is why I am asking.

Lighting: As of right now, we are just using the basic lighting the tank came with. I'm sure that is fine, but any suggestions?

First things first, I gotta get these guys healthy again and I apologize for the large number of questions.

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Lammergeier replied the topic: Tank upgrade in a month

Tank: A 6 x 2 x 2 would be great for that mix of fish. Of course, bigger is always better, but I think 6 x 2 x 2s are a fairly 'standard' size so they're easy to come by. Not sure what you'd be looking to pay though. I have 2 - one I paid $600 AUD for that came with a Jager heater, cabinet and hood. The other one I paid $100 for (tank only, needs resealing). A 6 x 2's a 180 US gal, I believe.

Filtration: The more the better. I'm using a Fluval Fx5 and an Aqua one Nautilus 2700 on mine. I'd recommend both filters, though I think the Nautilus is an Australian brand. I'd go for 2 canisters or a large canister + large HOB depending on how much things cost for you.

Stand: All I can suggest is to be very careful. You don't want ~700L of water all over your floor.

I'll finish this post later - I've got to run lol.

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DMD123 replied the topic: Tank upgrade in a month

With C-list it is all about the area you live and tank availability. It took me about a year and a half to find mine. It was a 210g that had never been set up with stand and glass tops. It all had the price stickers on it still. He paid $1500, I got it all for $500. I have two FX5's on it.

I would look for the standard 180g at a minimum.

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Suprd71 replied the topic: Tank upgrade in a month

I would agree that you should try for at least 180g(6x2x2). You will for sure need at least an FX6, and a large hob, AC110. We will advise you at the time not to use old water, it is only full of nitrate and dirt. Your bb is contained in your filter bio media, not water. Using existing filters, or at least media from same will get your cycle up to snuff quicker. Stand options are several, if you have some basic carpentry skills and some simple tools, a 2x4 stand is cheap and easy. Cinder blocks and plywood just as easy. You will want a slab of 5/8in thick styrofoam under the tank for leveling. Should you find a suitable used tank, insist on viewing it full up.

I may not be the Boss, but I'm ALWAYS right!

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DMD123 replied the topic: Tank upgrade in a month

Finding the big tanks like 180g + can sometimes be difficult to find. I find the ones that can be the real bargains are the 100 gallon sizes. As an example in my area a recent post was of a 100g acrylic bowfront with stand, filters everything for $400. It was mint and worth a lot more for sure. So even though you want the 180g, a tank in between may buy you a lot more time to find the big tank.

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Craigsfish replied the topic: Tank upgrade in a month

Volkmania..........here is the link to my post of cinder-block stand I built about a month back. Whenever you decide your ready for it Pm me and I will help you out if need be...Its extremely easy to do and you can get very creative with the color scheme.


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oscarmitch replied the topic: Re:Tank upgrade in a month

I would like to see this link also however it won't work for me lol could mean a much larger tank for me!!

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