125 gallon

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jmunroe replied the topic: Re:125 gallon

I too would go for a smaller variety of pleco. I waited for months and months for the right pleco to come along and it never did, so I ended up with a gibby that needed a home. I have it in a 6 foot 125 with my Oscar. I have managed to get a male Honduran red point and 2 small female HRP's to live in the same tank, took a long time and a dozen of them getting eaten, but my O for some reason doesn't bother with them now. Hates everything else that comes near the tank.. including me but the small females would easily fit in his mouth, sideways even, and he lets them swim right past his face. That being said, my point was that having a similar stock to what your looking at, I wanted to give you a heads up on the water changes. While large frequent water changes are a must with these fish, your water will go bad even quicker with what I would call my tank as fully to slightly over stocked. As yours would be. The choice of fish I have makes territory and swim space not an issue as the O has basically the whole tank, the HRP's swim in and out of rock work and driftwood and stay out of the way for the most part. The pleco just hangs out in and around his rock cave until night time. But the water changes are 75%+ every few days. Has to be this way. Sometimes I let it go 5 days due to work but that requires an additional one the day before and an even larger one on day 5.

Go do a water change - the solution to pollution is dilution.

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daddadoo7 replied the topic: Re:125 gallon

I agree with jmunroe I had an insanely aggressive oscar that never bothered my hrp. I think its a competition thing. Hrp (cryptoheros) are great little fish tough too. Look into nanolutes and panamense too.
Heres a pic of my hrp hes the small one one the lower left

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