UK or US gallon

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DRACO replied the topic: Re:UK or US gallon

S.S. wrote: If it's hard to have only one world measure for liquid how hard is to have only one gallons measure? Why are US and UK gallons different?


it happened because there are two groups who want to show they are superior to the other...
the main reason why there is metric system and english system of units...

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noodle replied the topic: Re:UK or US gallon

I think Draco may be right about why there are two measures of gallons.

I believe that the metric system was introduced to make life simpler and make converting units very fast and easy. I am sure that someone pretending to be superior had a large part to play in it, but the system is designed to be simple and fast.

You have to admit that a system that is base 10 is more simple than a system that is not based on any particular number. 10 millimeters to a centimeter, 100 centimeters in a meter etc it is pretty simple to convert in your head meters to mm. This comes in handy when building or buying things to fit into a defined space. Even the terms chosen ("centi" means hundred and so on) make it extremely simple. Having a system with12 inched to a foot, 36 inches or 3 feet to a yard it is far more difficult to convert yards to inches in your head. Before anyone throws a tantrum here or claims that I am a moron, I am not saying it is impossible, just that it is far more difficult and slower.

It is similar with temperature and weight. Water freezes at 0 C and boils at 100 C. 1 ml of water weighs 1gram and 1 liter of water weighs 1 kilogram. A calorie is the amount of energy used to raise 1 gram (or 1 ml) of water by 1 degree C. Converting weights of water to liquid measurements for some recipe or something is all very simple to work out in your head even if you have not done any training.

I do not know why we still predominantly use qwerty keyboards (which were originally designed to slow typists so typewriters jammed less often) or use 24 hour time. Neither of which seem terribly efficient or even all that sensible. Perhaps some things are too difficult to change.

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