Catfish/bottom feeders?

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danperagine created the topic: Catfish/bottom feeders?

I want a make my tank a Oscar/Silver dollar tank. Firstly do I need to add a catfish? If so what kind? Does it have to be a pleco for algae control? Guide me on what I absolutely need in my tank other tha my oscar and silver dollars.

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muddybear replied the topic: Catfish/bottom feeders?

The simple answer is that all you absolutely need in your Oscar tank is good filtration.
I believe the tank you are talking about is 75g-most on here would suggest that is the bare minimum for a single Oscar.

My 75 houses an Oscar and 2 Sds-these are refugees and will be moved on to my 150 with 4 more once they have grown out. Dollars should really be kept in a school of at least five (8 is better), a 75 does not allow enough room for this IMO.

As for bottom feeders-you do not "need" one-you could maybe add a raphael or one of the smaller plecos but do not be fooled into thinking that this will keep your tank "clean"-quite the opposite-more fish = more waste.

The only way to keep your tank "clean" is by doing it yourself-an Oscar in a 75 will require at least two 75/80% water changes per week IMO.

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OFL replied the topic: Catfish/bottom feeders?

Yes, I have to agree with the other poster, people are under the impression that these algae eaters keep your tank clean. Okay, they may be able to keep the glass clean of algae, but what goes in has got to come out. What comes out stays in the tank until you remove it yourself. It's less work and effort to use a algae scrubber to clean the glass than to clean up after one of these messy fish. Once pleco's get quite big they produce an enormous amounts of waste which is just add to the work that you need to carry out on the tank.

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Rumpig replied the topic: Catfish/bottom feeders?

Also algae helps filter the Nitrates and more out of the water, so it is beneficial to have it in your tank, it is just unsightly.

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