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Jeffrey created the topic: New Angels

Hey guys I’ve bought an old tank from my neighbor, it’s 2.5’x15”x15”; I put 4 angels in it! Initially I put 2 angels and 6 serpae tetras, but the tetras started to bother my angels, I didn’t know they were fin nippers so I returned them and bought 2 more angels. 1 is albino, 1 veil tail and 2 r marble angels; they r all near 3”. The veil tail was very shy and slow at first but now he is the leader of the clan! I’ve never had angels before, at first I thought of discus but angels looked better to me. They r very cute and very pretty; they start dancing during feeding time! How many of you have angels?

I would appreciate any kind of advice, what can i feed them, how often to feed them worms, water change, medication, lighting, decoration etc.

100 US Gallon Tank - 1 Tiger Oscar (Tiger);
1 Common Pleco

30 Gallon Tank - 4 Angels (1 Veil Tail, 1 Albino, 2 Marble)

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zzzpaulzzz replied the topic: Re:New Angels

you can feed your angel fish on bloodworm, chicken, and fish flakes. I know because i have got angel fish myself and i have bred of them. I feed my angel fish once a day on bloodworm and fish flakes twice aday. Every week do a water change, don't take too much out only a third of the water. Make sure your ph level is correct, make sure you do not have any nitrates, nitrites.Medication is only needed whenyour fish are unwell. Any type of lighting is aqlright for angel fish. i put in mine powerglow, it fetches the colours out more. Angel fish like eating live plants and any ornament will do for decoration. DO NOT PUT SHELLS IN AS THEY DISSOLVE IN THE WATER.

i have got 4 oscar fish

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