my jd wont eat

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Necromancer4 replied the topic: Re:my jd wont eat

when i tried to introduce him to my oscar tank he constantly harassed the 2 smaller o's(one is now about 6" the other only 4.5"). he didnt bother the bigger ones(a 12" and an 11")so im thinking if i can get the smallest one to about 8-9" i'll try again.

the only problem with introducing a female into his tank is that he has a history of killing everything that has ever been put in with him.

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MetalHead88 replied the topic: Re:my jd wont eat

i had the same deal with mine. i was forced to put them together when 1 tank started to leak. surprisingly, she lived and now, 2 years later, they breed. jacks are pretty smart fish. they will hide and take cover. if u can get a female about the same size. which believe me isnt easy u might get lucky.

funny thing that mine did. the male would always chill out in this cave i made. he would stick his head out, but wasnt able to turn around inside because he was too big. so the female would go in from behind and go next to him. the male didnt like this so he would leave the cave to chase her away since he couldnt just turn around. the female was able to turn around, so she knew whenever he left the cave he was comin for her, and shed find another spot.

before u try to mix them again, definatly make sure the o's are bigger. the bigger the better. the o's wont bother the jack. and if they do, he'll findh imself a nice hiding spot

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