Acaraichthys Hecklii! My future breeding project

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ehall67 replied the topic: Acaraichthys Hecklii! My future breeding project

Thank you all!

I am glad so many of you like the hecklii also. I really think they are one of the prettiest fish out there if not the best looking. from the fins to the colors I was hooked once I saw my first one. Thats what lead me to want to breed them. just so happens they are tough to breed lucky me lol! but hey it will be all the more worth it right!!

Any way yes I will be making some more caves. I have one in there not but I do not think it is dark enough and it is PVC but It might work for real and also it has a really big entrances...

My plan it to take to big flower pots and but them big side to big side and connect them some how maybe silicone.. then I am going to brea the bottom out of one and make a small entrance that once hecklii could get into at a time and burry it a little.. I think that will give them good cave appeal.. only problem I will not know when the breed so I will just have to pay attention to behaviors. I am also going to throw some upturned pots in the tank with holes in the side and maybe they will choose one of them you know...

also I am planing on small WC very often ... If I do a large one it will be with semi treated water... I am going to have almond leaves in the tank along with peat in my HOT magnum like Jack said.. that should be more than enough to off set my water which is not especially hard.

and yes live food for days when I think they are grown enough and ready they LOVE earthworms more than any other fish I own ..

but any way I cant wait to find a way to get some good pics of them ... If I do not have them breeding by november the male will become a show fish ( as long as he does not get injured)

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