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plecos_r_cool95 created the topic: bichirs

do you think a bichir could grow up in a 55 gallon tank ¿?

and what is the minimum amount of gallons for a clown loach ¿?

and do they both get along ¿?

Oh and U.S. gallons too.:silly:

Tanks, dont want to be abother:lol: but i gotta ask.

20 gal.
8 zebra danios
1 pleco
2 mollies
1 dragon goby
1 freshwater flounder
3 gal.
3 baby mollies

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OFL replied the topic: Re:bichirs

I have never kept Birchers before but I would recommend more than 55 gallon tank for one. Can't wait should be kept in groups, they are much happier they rarely go off on their own, they stick together in groups all the time so keeping one on its own would be something I would not advise. They also grow very big so if you are keeping them, you would be looking at quite a sizeable tank. as for how big, I would say the bigger the better. Four Clown Loach should be given at least 125 gallons (180 gallons US)

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delboybully replied the topic: Re:bichirs

Clown loach are social fish, if you kept one on its own it will hide away nearly all the time to the point where you will think it has died. This happened to me, when i kept community fish i had 2 clowns and one died, i used to see the other maybe once every 2 weeks. I was then told they need to live in groups so i put 2 more in and hey presto all 3 were out all the time. Clown loaches also need hiding places

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