Tanked (Discovery Channel)

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AV8R replied the topic: Re:Tanked (Discovery Channel)

All reality shows these days are fake. I am a private pilot, and aircraft mechanic. All shows about flying are set up, especially plane repo. There is nothing real about that show. My buddy with a classic WWII plane was paid to fly it for the show and they pretended to repo it. Television has little to no educational value to it these days. Media is paid by companies to show stories that are usually fabricated, entertainment television has no purpose, reality TV is as fake or stupid as it gets. All these reasons are why I quit watching TV years ago. Rant over.
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tehmole replied the topic: Re:Tanked (Discovery Channel)

nicely put sir ~ but without these shows.....what entertainment do we have? besides watching our fish swim back and forth...lol

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UNC-CH replied the topic: Tanked (Discovery Channel)

Good point. I really wish I found them entertaining ... I used to. But for whatever reason the whole suspension of disbelief thing doesn't work with me when watching these shows. I can enjoy movies. I suppose it's because I don't feel like I'm trying to be convinced that what I'm watching is real.

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DMD123 replied the topic: Tanked (Discovery Channel)

For me Tanked is just about the last 10 minutes of the show, basically the reveal. I like to see what they created but all the fake drama in between I could care less about. In between if you listen sometimes they do have some interesting bits that are educational about refraction, load bearing, safety, etc.

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OFL replied the topic: Tanked (Discovery Channel)

These so-called reality shows would not work unless they are heavily contrived. Apparently you would be very disappointed if you went to Las Vegas and visited the pawn shop expecting to see the cast, none of them worked there unless they are filming, the guy who plays a village idiot, Chumley is supposedly worth about $5 million.

This shows that really annoy me are these "so-called" survival shows where we see people out there trying to survive. There are a few that are absolutely genuine, the ones where they are filming themselves, Ed Stafford for instance, there is no way contrived in any way, he's on his own and doesn't have any backup crew. Bear Gryls on the other hand has a massive backup Crew and certainly doesn't venture into the wilderness, he's completely fake. If I had a bloody pound for every time he mentions his time in the special forces, I would be quite rich. What he doesn't say is he was only in the territorial Army and he was in the special forces reserves. I have heard he is a bit of a joke amongst a lot of the other guys who were in the military.

I like deadliest catch, I think it's very difficult to fake a show like that because of the dangers that go along with filming. It's not as if you can stop them in mid-track and ask them to do it all over again :-) However, I do think that some of the captains do sometimes play up to the cameras.

There's another show that I quite like about these people who dive under the ice looking for gold. But I even think that is a little bit contrived. There was one show I was watching where saw Steve apparently leave his air breather on the bottom because he had to swim correctly because the guy he was with having checked air was getting through properly. Pretty stupid, there are being filmed all the time so surely someone would have said something? Anyway, Steve was then panicking about how he was going to go back down and retrieve the breathing apparatus. I thought why don't you just ask the cameraman who was filming you down there, he will go and get it for you :-)

I may not always be right, but I am always the BOSS :-)

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