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Sosban Fach created the topic: Heres a question

I have a spare tank. Sits under my main tank empty.

I have it in case of emerganices. I spend quite alot on water fighting nitrates and pumps and heaters etc. So convincing my missus to let me start another tank is extremly difficult.

However I read this thread

I did a bit of reading and watched a video on youtube. In the wild the live in water that is practically 90% dirt. The water I throw away each week form my water change is probably a thousend times higher quality.

Has anyone here run a secound tank useing waste water from a high quality tank water change as fresh water for the lower quality tank?

Obviously the low quality tank would be stocked with a fish much more suited to lower quality enviroments.

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Rocksor replied the topic: Heres a question

Yes, I have done it for quarantine 30-60 days. I only transfer the water, and none of the other solids.

I keep my aquarium nitrates below 20ppm, and I use the water for quarantine/hospital tank, especially when I treat the QT for meds. I store the water in a 30g tub and transfer that to the QT tank. I would lose the good bacteria in the quarantine during medication anyway. I do change at least 50% of the water everyday for the QT tank.

How big is your tank underneath?

On a side note: If you start to feel that you are in a losing battle with nitrates, and feel that the fish in the main tank should have a better home, there are other fish you can keep in that main tank. Some of the ancient fishes like south american lungfish, west african lungfish, and common wolf fish (hoplias malabaricus) basically live in high nitrate water conditions.

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jnet replied the topic: Heres a question

sounds like a plan

perhaps try plants in the second tank to lower nitrates but my tap water has 10 nitrates sometimes 20 and once it was as high as 40 so the tank water would be better in those cases. :)

I'm living my life, but not necessarily in the right order :)


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