I fell down the stairs

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Rogue_Violetta replied the topic: I fell down the stairs

I guess I'm lucky... just the occasional mouthful of spat out water, being nibbled by guppies, and a nip from a yoyo loach that didn't hurt. I have nearly lost my balance a few times tripping over things, like the back of the couch, and irritating my shoulder, as well as soaking the floor by not holding the end of the siphon cord properly, and nearly killing two air pumps at once. Oh and stubbed toes of varying degrees. The weirdest was the surface of my nails becoming scratched up from dealing with gravel cleaning, and catching on everything, and scratching myself. (Colander plus tap washing gravel and turning it around with hands)

My poor husband though, has been bitten by my biggest yoyo, which removed a layer of skin, and copped a switchblade from another when we were redoing the tank. That bled. He nearly did his back getting the tank inside.

Touch wood the worst is over for us. Also, he's good with electric shocks. They don't really bother him.

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