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JBare created the topic: Venting - Glo Fish Tank

So my daughters Glo Fish is driving me nuts. It was perfect. Then my son dumps half a bottle of fish food in it, got as much of the food out as possible and did a 90% water change. BUT I lost my cycle. I used Prime and stability, did another 75% water change everyday for the next 4 days. Ammonia is still at 2.5 and nitrate still at 0. I even took some bio from another tank, and nothing. I'm getting super frustrated and honestly not sure what to except keep doing water changes. But what's happening to her fish in the meantime? Ugh!!!!! BTW it's only a 10 gallon and of course they are tetras.

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Lammergeier replied the topic: Venting - Glo Fish Tank

Prime neutralises ammonia for 48 hours so it isn't toxic to the fish, but bacteria can still utilise it. Just make sure to keep the dose up (someone can tell you about that I'm sure - I don't actually use prime as my dechlorinator).

I think (someone correct me if I'm wrong) that you need at least 0.25ppm of ammonia for the tank to cycle, so I'd suggest doing water changes to get it down to ~0.25ppm, and keep up daily water changes (maybe 50%?) so the ammonia doesn't get above 0.5ppm, but the cycle can still restart.

Aside from that, it'll just take time I'm afraid :( Good luck!

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