male/female aggression question

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ehh created the topic: male/female aggression question

a lot of people have to be careful with breeding aggressive cichlids because its common for the male to kill the female. does this happen in the wild or is it a byproduct of being in the aquarium?

just curious. i would think its a byproduct of the aquarium. if a female was really feeling threatened she has lot of room to escape. and maybe the males have to learn how to not be so aggressive to retain a females. or does that go beyond their intelligence. they learn and adjust from failed batched of eggs why not not from being too rough with the ladies?

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Adoinc replied the topic: male/female aggression question

From what I've heard/noticed... The male cichlids are only aggressive to the female in the confines of an aquarium. In the wild the female can escape whenever she wants and the cichlids also don't feel as "trapped" so to speak. The males are often much more territorial and aggressive in an aquarium than in the wild or HUGE fish tanks (1000g+).
I mean, I get it. If you were in a little room your entire life wouldn't you get kind of angry? Also, mean cichlids tend to be nicer to the female when dither fish are around that they can take their aggression out on. They are more bonding when they feel they have to protect the upcoming eggs. With no fish to defend against it is kind of inhibiting their natural instinct and pissing them off.

Only the male does this in 99% of situations, though. Huh?...

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