Ever wondered how to tell if a female doesn't like a male guppy?

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Rogue_Violetta created the topic: Ever wondered how to tell if a female doesn't like a male guppy?

You guys probably remember me mentioning Lady and Lightning, the chance guppies. When we got them, his tail was slightly longer than hers.

Now, for the "How to tell she hates him" part. Lady used to chomp Lightning's tail, to the point where Tera walked out one day, to see her hanging off the end of his tail, swimming along like he was pulling her.

Well, when she had The Doctors, we put her in a fry trap. His tail was growing back by this point. Now it's been a few more weeks, his tail still hasn't grown back completely, but it's HUGE in comparison to what it was.

I think he's going to be one of those fancy big tailled guppies.

And that's one way to tell if a female guppy hates a male guppy- she eats his tail.

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