Mystery Snails

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Maxthecax created the topic: Mystery Snails

How many Mystery Snails would it take to keep a 180g tank algae free?

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OFL replied the topic: Mystery Snails

That's really an impossible question to answer because you would have to know how much algae is there in the first place, and how much each snail eats. If you are worried about algae then there are a few simple rules to follow that can help reduce algae buildup. Firstly, don't leave your lights on for too long, algae thrives in bright conditions. Carry out regular water changes as algae loves nitrate. Don't put your tank in direct sunlight, again bright conditions well encourage algae to grow. Don't overfeed your fish because again, that will increase nitrate levels. Remember that if you have loads of snails then you will have a large bio load that will obviously add to your tank maintenance schedule and regime. Get yourself a good algae scraper for the glass, if you do it every couple of days you can keep the glass nice and clean. Ornaments and plastic plants can be removed and cleaned. As for rocks, algae is part of nature, I wouldn't worry too much about algae growing on rocks, you will find algae growing on rocks in the wild everywhere.

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