SICCE Syncra Silent 5.0

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Nina_W created the topic: SICCE Syncra Silent 5.0

I bought the Syncra Silent to be a high quality, quiet replacement for the cheap yet beefy pond pump powering a 60 gallon sump. It's competitor, in my mind, is the eheim series of pumps, which are fantastic.
The SICCE was about two thirds of the price, and thus far (it's been one night) I'm extremely happy with it. While I do not expect it to last like eheims do (which is pretty much indefinitely) the three year guarantee does put my mind at ease. The fittings are easy to screw/unscrew, and seal perfectly. This was a problem on the cheaper pond pump.

It is not as power efficient as some other pumps are, using 105 watts to pump water at 5000 liters per hour, but I am greatly impressed with how well it handles the 1m of head height it has to clear.

Surely the biggest positive about this pump, though, was the immediate difference it made to the noise my aquarium produces. This pump, running as an external pump, is dead quiet. I cannot hear it, unless I'm right by it. This is just as good as eheims I've had in the past.

I would recommend this pump, the SICCE Syncra silent 5.0 strongly to anyone looking for something a bit gentler on the pocket than the eheims, but who need quietness and power.

I'll report back in the future to update whether my original impression is maintained.

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