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Capt Dave replied the topic: Re: Live Plants

i know if you have a heavily planted tank you may not need a biofilter. this is because the plants use the ammonia totally. no nitrite or nitrate are produced resulting in superb water quality. What i dont want is the plants to use all of the ammonia before it gets to the biofilter thus killing the bb. I know for an oscar tank you need an enormous amount if plants and my gut tells me that its the filters that get to the ammonia before the plants but as paul said i do not have any scientific evidence of this.:laugh: BTW this is what happens when the fishing season slows down. I got too much time to think of stuff like this:laugh:

I have no idea why the water bill is so high

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PAUL replied the topic: Re: Live Plants

whenever i feel lazy to do water change,i normally put plenty of plants
in my filtration... or sometimes, i just allow some plants to float in my tanks
to detoxify the water.... something like this:

dont ask where the leaves go.... yummy!!!!!

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