Hornwort +Oscars OK but other plants...

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pepetj created the topic: Hornwort +Oscars OK but other plants...

Hi, I have been experiencing with some plants in my Oscars' tank. So far they seem to co-exist well with Tropical Hornwort. This low-light plant looks good both floating at the surface and placed in bundles (attached to a stone with a rubber band) at the substrate. Keeping this plant requires paying close attention to filter intakes not getting clogged, however, the looks of plants in the tank is well worth the caring.

Wondering what other plants would also do well with them...

Most plants I have access to are either native, or from Central and South America.

So far, in my particular setting (120gal), with two young Tiguer Oscars, the following have not passed the test:
Sword (chumped, uprooted, destroyed)
Anacharis (bundles are dispersed/distroyed, but Ok as floating only plants)
Anubias Barteri (unable to keep their leaves clean since no Apple Snail survive in that tank)
Anubias Afzilli (uprooted, destroyed)

Santo Domingo
(Have been out of the forum due to computer problems)

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OFL replied the topic: Re:Hornwort +Oscars OK but other plants...

I am afraid I am not really up on plants, apart from the obvious my Amazon swords etc. Keeping plants is an art in itself, they look nice for the first week or so but then a lot of them start dying off. I have got two types of plant n a small 20 gallon tank and they are doing really well, even with the light only been on for a few hours in the evening. One of the plants is the type that sends new shoots under the gravel and then you get new plants popping up all over the place, I really like this type of plants, it makes me feel as if you're getting a lot more for your money.

I'll take a few photos tomorrow

I may not always be right, but I am always the BOSS :-)

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