Converting my 29gal into a planted aquarium...

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Brandon created the topic: Converting my 29gal into a planted aquarium...

i seriously have no clue where to get started. I know nothing about keeping planted tanks. Like the type of substrate. I'm wanting to make a grass bed type tank for my pleco. I want moss to attach on driftwood too. So basically what I'm wanting to know is what kind of substrate. Should I use soil and if so what kind? What kinds of mosses and grass would be a good choice. Where is a good place to get the plants? My LFS doesnt keep plants. How do you clean it? Really just alot of information for a beginner. Any info helps! Thanks again guys! :side:

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Graeme76 replied the topic: Re: Converting my 29gal into a planted aquarium...

For any kind of short grass like plant you need to have a nutrient rich, fine substrate so you would look at things like Eco-Complete, Flourite & ADA Aquasoil. You could also use pool filter or playsand but you would need to supply all of the nutrients via substrate fertilizer tablets spaced regularly through the carpeted area. It's worth noting that Eco-Complete & Flourite only provide a long term source of iron. After 3-6 months all of the other nutrients found in either product have been used up & need to be supplied via fertilizer tablets. ADA soils cost more but supply all nutrients long term.

Most grass type plants need high light conditions to grow & spread properly so you would also be obliged to have a co2 system running to prevent algae issues & to ensure the plants are growing properly. There are a range of co2 systems with pressurized injection being by far the most effective but also by far the most expensive to initially set up. A DIY yeast reactor system can be made for just a few dollars but the results will not be as good as an injection system. There are also liquid carbon options such as Flourish Excel but they deliver poor results IME & can get very costly very quick when used in tanks over 20gal.

What kind of plants you choose will depend on what kind of lighting you have. Your choice of lighting will be determined by how much your willing to spend on the initial set up & maintenance. Low light tanks you are limited with plant choice but you don't have much in the way of maintenance or running costs. Medium light tanks you have a wider range of plants to choose from but the running cost go up a bit & you may or may not need co2 depending on exactly what plants & how much light you have. High light tanks cost quite a bit to set up & also to maintain. Ferts must be dosed at least once a week (usually more) & you must have a co2 supply so the plants can make use of the fertilizers & energy from the light. Naturally it costs more for these things & to run the extra lights to.

If you let us know how much time & money your prepared to spend each week on this tank then we can give you some recommendations of what will best suit what you want to do.

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cebosound replied the topic: Re: Converting my 29gal into a planted aquarium...

sounds like a plan.

I really like planted tanks. :) ... i just don't have the patience for them. :pinch: :lol:

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