For all you gamers out there!

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scarhbar created the topic: For all you gamers out there!

Well I need your opinion on my idea! I am gonna start doing game commentaries on Call of Duty. Ok, big deal, right? Well I want to donate money for each kill I get in the game, my score, veiws, or something along those lines. I would donate to childrens cancer research, or St. Judes. I am 17, so obviously my paychecks are kinda small working at McDonalds, but I am gonna donate what I can :p is my idea too unrealistic? Or what do you think?

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Hexclover replied the topic: Re: For all you gamers out there!

sounds like a good thing to do, but personally i wouldn't do it. call me selfish or what ever but i work hard for my money im not gonna be giving it up for a charity of any sort. now if i had money to wipe my ass with then yeah, i'd do something like that.

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seanjohn25 replied the topic: Re: For all you gamers out there!

Honestly the whole commentaries thing has really been grown out of in the gaming community. Everyone does them, and its quite difficult to become popular. I wouldn't recommend putting the time, or money into it. Just enjoy playing the games for fun. As for donating money, that is a really great thing to do. Honestly though, there are tons of people donating towards St. Judes and what not, when I donate I like to help out animals. Just a personal thing, because if you think about it, everywhere you go in your life, is space taken from the wilderness and probably ruined some animals habitat. I figure that everyone should take responsibility and either adopt some pets or at least help out a local shelter....many pets are being put down everyday, and since this is a site about everyones fish pets, that would be a good choice.

Also I am 19, and in college, and I can agree with hex....We are too young to be giving away our money. You should put your money towards school, or just save it. Life is expensive, and you haven't even started it yet. I really like the idea you have of helping out others, but unless your just spoiled rich or something, you should just hold off for a few years, until you yourself are stable, and making more than minimum wage.

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benmcfadden replied the topic: Re: For all you gamers out there!

Its too hard to get views now-a-days, when I used to play Halo 3 for MLG we used to pull in the views but since Black Ops there are two many people doing it

Haku, I knew your were good.

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