Is TV to Blame for the Decline in Fishing?

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OFL created the topic: Is TV to Blame for the Decline in Fishing?

I started a topic on one of the fishing forums that I use occasionally and got told I was talking rubbish.

Basically I partially blame television for the decline carp fishing, especially on small waters. My reasoning is because there are so many carp fishing programs on our television, the majority of them based around huge lakes upcountry that are much bigger than many of the waters we have down here in Devon. The majority of the fishing they do on these programs are very aggressive tactics, lots and lots of bait going in constantly, two or three rods being used by one person. A few of the fisheries near me have opened up their waters to anglers 24/7, whereas 10/15 years ago it was purely fishing from dawn till dusk. Now guys are going down there and replicating the sort of fishing that these guys are carrying out on massive 10 acre lakes. I don't care what anyone says, these small ponds, they are not lakes they are too small to be a lake cannot handle the amount of pressure that is being put on them. There is tons and tons of bait going in, the fish must be absolutely stuffed full of food, it's no wonder the bloody things are so hard to catch most of the time. Before sky television came along, you had to rely on a weekly fishing magazine, or maybe a fishing video that some anglers made, now programs are readily available nearly every day of the week. You can see the difference in how people are fishing nowadays compared to what it was like 10 or 15 years ago.

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GrumpyOscartheGrouch replied the topic: Is TV to Blame for the Decline in Fishing?

I can definitely see this. Where I live, there aren't many lakes per se, but there are lots of fishing locations on the rivers. Its not just the decline from the television programs, its TV in general with kids. It used to be the rivers were packed and it was just about a fight to get to a decent place to fish. Now, day or night, weekend or week day, there is no one there. and I could easily blame TV and less active things than actually going outside and doing something.

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