My hobbies

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Miahl71 replied the topic: Re:My hobbies

My first love is fishing for sure. Fly fishing (anyone here tie there own flies?), spin fishing, ice fishing, deep sea fishing. I play the guitar as well, influences are anyone who ROCKS, Maiden all the way to Johny Cash, thats right he rocks. Very much into the outdoors scene, I like to rock climb and backpack in the mountains of northern New England.
I also play goalie in a men's hockey league here i my town every friday night. I used to have quite a collection of reptiles as well but when I moved a long time ago I donated them to a local school for their science room.
Oh yeah, I love BEER as well. :P

Name - Miah, Age - 36, Gender - Male, Location - Rhode Island

75 gal tank w/ 5 O\'s 2 Albino, 1 Tiger, 1 Red, 1 Lemon. All Juveniles. Building (1) 150 gal tank soon to be ready for spring. Hope to get a breeding pair out of the 5 I have.

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delboybully replied the topic: Re:My hobbies

sickend wrote:

I also enjoy fishing never carp but i live in florida so i can catch just about everything else. I play guitar but newer metal(madien still rocks) no band right now. I skate board work on cars drink beer ( YUENGLING RULES ) and xbox live thats it i think

ever caught a wild oscar?

I can't get no sleep

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sickend replied the topic: Re:My hobbies

no never caugth a wild oscar lol dunno if there are any wild in FL i do know that ther is a snake head prob around here hoping to catch one just to see one in person.. my fav fish to catch are snappers, dolphin(mahi mahi), grouper, and lobster!


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OFL replied the topic: Re:My hobbies

I remember watching a fishing programme with an English guy called Nick Fisher (not joking) and he was fishing in Florida, he was sitting on the side of a wooden pontoon next to a small fish processing company, very small. And he was catching these little fish on a pole and a small float. Not sure what sort of fish they were, it just looked really nice, lovely weather and nice surroundings, just up my street.

I've seen photos of people catching red Oscars in Florida, bloody big ones as well. Problem is, a lot of these fish don't belong there, they can actually wipe out native species. So we can advise people never to release any type of fish into the wild unless you are allowed to.

I may not always be right, but I am always the BOSS :-)

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fedster replied the topic: Re:My hobbies

well i race nitro rc turcks and buggies, love my x-box (FederalTax) <-- gamertag and im tryin to get into the dragrace seen.. but its soooo expensive to even get started.. currently have over 8000$ u.s. invested in engine parts! and the obivous OSCARS!!:lol:

If the good die young... be evil... you just might live forever.

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PAUL replied the topic: Re:My hobbies

I have a lot of hobbies in my free time: pc surfing; cleaning my aquarium; playing pool with beer on the side; hydrophonics experiment using my aquarium as starting kit; singing videokee; and gardening.

That aqua hydro-phonics I posted before, I have my review wherein the waste of my fishes was being used to raised and grow my vegetables and tomatoes. Those vegetables help me maintain my water in good quality. I am hoping that someday, I will have this idea in a bigger scale.

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beershotz replied the topic: Re:My hobbies

I work so damm much its hard to have hobbies
but I do like playing video games....preferably older ones
I also like shooting darts and pool....
have the dart board but I need a pool table for my basement bar


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ChileRelleno replied the topic: Re:My hobbies

First and foremost... Skydiving!

I'm a master rated skydiver with over 600 jumps.
USPA member/license, #106617/D#24868
I've jumped in 42 of the 50 states, at 100 dropzones and from 36 different airplanes/6 helicopters.

Second, FishKeeping.

My wife and I have been fishkeeping for at least 10 years and into Os for 8 years. Our current O, named 'Allanon', has been with us for 6+ years, he is a part of our family;)
He shares a 75(gal) with a female Green Severum named 'Padashar'.
We also maintain a 55(gal) SA community and a 25(gal)Celestial Pearl Danio species tank.

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MnMatty2507 replied the topic: Re:My hobbies

I have many hobbies too.Working on my cars,drawing,playing video games and in tournaments and a adivd fish keeper since I can remember.A Oscar keeper for the past 6months and found this site about 2 months ago.I love this site and the people I talk to and what I learn I pass it on or tell people to come here.Those are my hobbies

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biggamehunter replied the topic: Re:My hobbies

hello just thought i would stop anyone wondering what my hobbies are by posting here.....oscars and various other tropicals of course ,,deerstalking and hmmm...what was the other thing i do ???????????

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