Sand or Rocks - New tank set up/design

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Brooksie replied the topic: Re:Sand or Rocks - New tank set up/design

wildaortiz wrote:

thank you for writing.

wow, your tank is beautifu. what size is it, what size are your oscars and your plecos? okay, i don't see your plecos. is he under the sand? was he always in the sand or did you have gravel before hand? thanks again. blessings.

i also see that you have airbubbles from the bottom up. is that better with the sand? i have the filters from above that cause many bubbles as water drops into the tank.

I'm assuming your responding to my post. My tank is 120 gal. The Oscars are about 6" right now and the pleco is about 10". If you look really close on the left side of the pic he is hanging between the heater and the sump box. The O's and Pleco learn about the sand and don't choke on it. They still pick it up and spit it back out but I have never heard of any problems. I did have gravel in my starter tank.. this is easier to clean but takes a different type of tube to syphon with - you can't use the big wide tube you use on gravel. I actually just pulled that off and used the little tube and it works perfectly. As for the airbubbles.. I just love the look of the bubble wall and I can make it have more bubbles or fewer bubbles to change the appearance. The O's love the bubbles and often swim thru them.

Hope this helps....

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