OScar BReeeeeDDD !!!

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tigathecool created the topic: OScar BReeeeeDDD !!!

Hiiii! !!!

Okay im wondering, if i have a 5 years old oscar and a 4 months old oscar, if i wait for the little one to get to the same 12 inch as my old one, COULD they breed ? like does AGE matter ?

The Oscar`s name is : Nemesis

The Pleco`s name is : Mr. Clean

And if you bother one of them i will do whats called :

Beating you up untill you eat youre goldfishes, RAW

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Oscurida replied the topic: Re: OScar BReeeeeDDD !!!

Hello. Only a full grown female O would be able to lay eggs. My female is 12.5" and the male is 6-8", 8 being at its max, and I trying my best to raise my 2nd batch at the moment. So I would safely say that the male doesnt have to match the same size of an adult female O to fertilize.

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Nina_W replied the topic: Re: OScar BReeeeeDDD !!!

yes, they could breed, a 5 year old oscar is sexually mature, the little one will take about year maybe even two to be ready... if they are a male and a female. You simply can't sex little oscars. If you end up with two males, they won't live together. If you have two females, they might, they might even lay eggs, you just won't have babies.

You also need a big enough tank to make this work, and it's still a roll of the dice. No guarantees, even if it is a male and a female, that they will get along, and none that they will breed.

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