What happens next?

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uknavynigel created the topic: What happens next?

Steve my red tiger and Ali the gold oscar look like they are ready to lay eggs for the last 2 days they have been moving the sand, no eggs yet but what kind of time scale am i looking at before any thing else happens and what is the next stage?

ive no where to put any eggs if they lay any so its pot luck if they survive or get eaten by Ali, Steve or any other of the fish in the tank :( but i just wondered what might happen next and how long it takes?

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OFL replied the topic: Re: What happens next?

I shouldn't start buying baby clothes just yet, this type of behaviour can go on for a long time and it is certainly not an absolute certainty that your Oscars will lay eggs. It's a good sign however, it does sound as if they could start laying eggs. Oscars normally lay their eggs in the evening or overnight, so you will normally wake up to eggs. It could happen tomorrow morning, this behaviour could go on for the next few days, weeks, months, you'll just have to wait and see.

You could simulate rainfall by spraying water on to the surface in the evening, Oscars breed during the wet season so if they think it's actually the wet season you could fool them into actually laying eggs. Simulated breeding is a tried and tested method and many professional breeders do it with various fish that lives in tropical areas.

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