Rock and Sand

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sharyn replied the topic: Rock and Sand

GBHammbone wrote: I may be way off here, but if you are breeding O's, raiseing 6 O's to sexual maturity and to pair off - which is somewhere around 10-12 inches - in a 70gal tank like OP stated will get pretty scary regardless of what rocks/sand is in the tank.

Nope you are not way off... you are bang on the money.

OP you will not know who pairs off for breeding until they are about 18 mths old and by that time they should be about a foot long. A 70 gal tank is big enough for 1 - not 6!!!!!! Sorry, alot of people think this way but it just does not work. They will not live to maturity in a 70 gal and you will run yourself ragged with tank maintenance.... and they will not breed in those conditions anyway.

Rethink your plan!!!!!!!!!

Also as pointed out, breeding oscars sounds like a good idea at the time but how are you going to offload a few hundred Oscar fry? You cannot sell them, fish shops will not pay you anywhere near what you have spent on them...take it from me -- I have had quite a few batches of Oscar fry.

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