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Oscarfish_love created the topic: ritual question

I have an Oscar fish that is about 7 inches just recently purchased another Oscar to go along with it but this Oscar is quite a bit smaller probably for 5 inches not a whole lot different on the links but their overall size. have 140 gallon tank I just put the new Oscar in tonight and as soon as I turned my head there was some serious gashes on the small ones head and side. had Oscars before so I know they are just asserting dominance. shortly after this the small Oscar started following the big one around am doing some very obvious tail slapping and shaking. the barge Oscar started clearing rocks on the bottom of the tank and so did the small one my question is will juvenile Oscars show mateing rituals this early I know they cant mate this early at all also would they do this that quickly within the first 30 to 45 minutes of being in the tank together thanks in advance for your answers

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DRACO replied the topic: ritual question

no body could tell this early... but clearing the rocks, pushing the gravel, and other joint activity is a good sign of accepting each other...mating? too early to tell but possible....
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OFL replied the topic: ritual question

I can really only echo what Paul has said. What you got to remember is that in the wild female will choose a male to breed with. Cichlids can be very picky and they will only breed with males that they really like. This is probably why even though a lot of people do have a male and female Oscar fish, they don't actually ever breed properly. So if you put a male and a female in together and the female doesn't like the male, the chances are you'll never have a breeding pair. But you'll probably still see the male chasing after the female.

I'm afraid is going to be quite a while before you know whether you will have a breeding pair. From my own experience, it can be 15 months before you ever see the female producing eggs. And even if the female does produce eggs, the male has got to be fertile in order to fertilise them properly.

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