Oscar fish breeding

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Jacky2504 created the topic: Oscar fish breeding

Hi guys, just after a little information ive done alot of searchibg and reading about the breeding pocess nkw i have two 25cm oscar fish ive put them together to see if anything at all would happen between them.
After a little bit of being together they started locking lips and i initally thought they were fighting, they then they both started shivering.
One of them then started to clean the rock in the tank with its mouth.
All soubds like breeding to me but now one is only shivering and cleaning the rock looking like it really wants to do something but it hasnt laid eggs would that mean the one that is cleaning the rocks,shivering and thrashing its tail would be a male if its not laying eggs ? And now the other oscar just doesnt look like its interested in anything let me know what you guys think

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OFL replied the topic: Oscar fish breeding

How old are the Oscars?

Some of the behaviour you have described sounds like you could have a breeding pair. However, in captivity you never really know until it actually happens and the eggs hatch. You may well have two females that appear to breed together. Did you happen to see anything sticking down from underneath them when all this was happening?

Having said this, Oscars are not normally sexually mature until they are at least 15 months old.

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DRACO replied the topic: Oscar fish breeding

agree with OFL... some of your description make me believe you have a pair... however... having two females in the tank could also do the same activity.... finger cross and good luck...

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Suprd71 replied the topic: Oscar fish breeding

All Oscars, both male and female move rocks and gravel around. The shivering is not necessarily breeding related. It is also a warning to other fish to keep your distance. If you get eggs, that's obviously one female. The other fish may be male, but also may not fertilize the eggs. Basically, you get what you get, and its always a surprise.

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