o doesnt look so good

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MetalHead88 created the topic: o doesnt look so good

one of my os isnt looking to good. hes kinda loafing around in the corner of the tank. his one eye is very foggy. only 1 though. maybe hes blind in that eye?? he also seems to have some damages on his fins but no1 has been pecking at him. none of the other fish have cloudy eyes and every1 else is doing fine. im due for a water change gotta go out to the store and get some stuff. water was fine about a week and a half ago before and after my last water change. my brother lost the vile to do the water checking so idk how my water is as of now. should be fine. any1 know what this could be? i know ph level could make cloudy eyes but its just 1 eye on 1 fish. theres 6 other fish in the tank they are all perfect

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delboybully replied the topic: Re:o doesnt look so good

Cloudy eyes are caused by either poor water quality or from injury. Either way the eye gets weakened and bacteria gets in. The fact your fish has it in one eye and has damaged fins points to injury probably from fighting

To cure it get an anti-bacterial like mxyazin. I have used this before but any anti-bacterial will do. Also try to keep your water quality as good as possible so do more water changes.

Just to be certain can you test your water and post the results please

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