He just lays there... This is not normal...

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delboybully replied the topic: Re:He just lays there... This is not normal...

The twitching is what oscars do when they are aggravated. They usually do it when they are side on to another fish (they also do it when going thro the breeding ritual). It seems to me your fish are learning to live a bit together

The garbage in the tank is waste materials and these will add to you nitrate reading. When did you last take the rocks out and clean the gravel. Have you tested the water yet? After doing a water change just redose with your medications in the equivalent amounts, so if you change 50% of the water, add a half dose of meds

If you have a male and a female jaguar they will start breeding soon. If they do your oscar will be in real trouble. They will defend the eggs and batter other fish. How do you know they are a male and a female. Someone once told me this about jags, a male and a female WILL breed, 2 males will fight and injure each other, 2 female will constantly bitch with each other. His advice was either have a pair and breed them or have just one

I can't get no sleep

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