not a good day for the smaller tank

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MetalHead88 created the topic: not a good day for the smaller tank

alright, i got a smaller 30 gallon tank. in the tank was 4 tiger barbs, a redtail shark and a catfish. the tank has gone untested for 2 weeks cuz i lost the tube. obviously...something went wrong

water is bad! what the hell went wrong in 2 weeks? woke up this morning 1 fish dead 2 not lookin so good. within the day the 2 other died. (3 tiger barbs) im left with the shark, a small catfish, and a tiger barb. keeped a close eye on them all day. i did a 60% water change and used water from my 125 gal to fill. was just lookin at the fish. took a look away. the shark is upside down on the ground. i quickly grabbed something to float in the water of my 125 and keep them seperate. i dumped the catfish in the tank hell do fine on his own.

i found a basket with wholes in it, it looks like it will do the job. i plopped the shark and barb in the basket thats floating in my 125 gal tank. within 2 minutes the shark seems to have come completely back to life. theres handles on this basket though so they are gonna find a way out. i know for a fact that the barb would be oscar food. o's are about 2'' and shark is about 1. so i dont think he'll make it either. i think my only option is to fill the other tank with the water from the good 1. and hope for the best. id really hate to see the shark go cuz i like him.

today was sunday so all stores are closed. monday i got no time but by tuesday ill be sure to have a test kit.

so im about to do the transplant. gravel and all. wish me luck

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plecos_r_cool95 replied the topic: Re:not a good day for the smaller tank

good luck!

20 gal.
8 zebra danios
1 pleco
2 mollies
1 dragon goby
1 freshwater flounder
3 gal.
3 baby mollies

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