5 5" Oscars Continue to Jump Out of Tank, Wont Eat Pellets.

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Mr.Moxinfordee created the topic: 5 5" Oscars Continue to Jump Out of Tank, Wont Eat Pellets.

Hi there, i just made this account because im very scared about our Oscars condition. We also have one Plecostomus.

Im very scared just because they wont stop jumping out of the tank, we have the lids closed and secure with rocks on top; they have jumped out more then 3 times over the last 2 months. (Once last month, 3 times this month.) During the course of this, we have fed them feeder goldfish, it took them some time to eat though. We are just now tonight feeding them the normal pellets theyd normally eat since the goldfish have been eaten. However, the fish have not been eating, but they look like there starving! They also get spooked by something, we have no idea what, but thats kinda how they have been jumping out, at least from what i think. If they get scared, theyll speed straight for the top. They get scared by something often, we dont know what it is though.

We really would like to know whats happening in our tank.

(by the way, the tank is 50 gallons, the fish are 5 inches, there is 2 lights above the water on the lid as well.)

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OFL replied the topic: 5 5" Oscars Continue to Jump Out of Tank, Wont Eat Pellets.

Hi there, welcome to our community.

Okay, you say they, so you have obviously got more than one Oscar? And you've also a plec as well. How big is this?

We recommend 55 gallons absolute minimum for one adult Oscar. An adult Oscar is anywhere between 10 inches and 13 inches in most aquariums. So at the moment you are probably hovering on the edge having two Oscars, although they are still quite small. However, you have got another fish which if is quite big will be adding a lot to your bio load.

As for why they are jumping, this is a difficult question to answer. They could be jumping at little flies that are inside the tank, I've seen this happening with my Oscars before. If your Oscars are still managing to jump out of the tank even though you say you secured it, then obviously it's not secured enough.

What you need to do is test your water for ammonia, nitrite, nitrate and pH. This is the very first thing you need to do. The next thing you need to do start thinking about what you're going to do with all but one of your Oscars (assuming you want to keep an Oscar?) You don't have time on your hands, 55 gallons is not big enough for the fish you've got, you will have to rehome them at some stage very soon.

Please get back to us with the water condition results. Also, what is the temperature of the water?

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Suprd71 replied the topic: 5 5" Oscars Continue to Jump Out of Tank, Wont Eat Pellets.

I take this to mean you have 5 Oscars of 5ins each, and a pleco of unknown size in a 50g tank. If true, this is an unmanageable situation. Tank is not big enough for even 1 Oscar by itself. Fish are suffering greatly by the hour. I urge you to rehome all fish, step away and do serious research on the needs and care of cichlids. We can help you every step of the way, but there is no helping or quick fix of your current situation. Quick answer to your question though... fish are jumping and thrashing from stress. Directly related to overcrowding and poor water quality. Next step is they get sick and die

I may not be the Boss, but I'm ALWAYS right!

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