Oscar with very bad pop eye

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alfonso1989 created the topic: Oscar with very bad pop eye

Hi everyone thanks for the help in advance. I have an oscar that is about 7-8 years old in a 55 gallon tank by himself. For about a month he has had pop eye and it has gotten pretty bad. I tried frequent water changes and adding epsom salt. An aquarium store by me told me there is really nothing that will work. I am pretty sure this has gotten to a point that it is not going to get better. My Oscar seems to be acting normal and eating normal regardless. Do you think he is in pain and is this potentially mortal. Any suggestions on what I can do? I cannot figure out how to add a picture buy there is liquid floating in the bad eye and the actual pupil is pushed to the side by a fleshy looking swelling.

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OFL replied the topic: Oscar with very bad pop eye

Welcome to our community. Sorry to hear about your Oscar that doesn't sound very nice.

If you go to www.photobucket.com then you can upload photos and then add them to the forum very easily.

Have you been testing the water for ammonia, nitrite, nitrate and pH? If you can test the water ASAP and post the results that would be helpful.

This condition can be brought on by bacterial infections and also poor water condition. I've given you a link to a page on the website that lists different medication that can treat Popeye. Have a look through the list to see if there's any that your local fish store supplies. If you can try medicating the tank then it may help. But it is important that the water conditions are very good before carrying out any medication.


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Suprd71 replied the topic: Oscar with very bad pop eye

Just to echo the Boss's recommendation. Your water must be pristine to get full benefit of any meds. Popeye is a fluid buildup behind the cornea. It is caused primarily from exposure to poor water quality, ergo, clean water is step 1 in any beneficial procedure.

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